A Perfect Steelhead

Fishing today with a long time friend who has been totally skunked so far this year he hooked into the most perfect and gorgeous steelhead that I have seen in a long time! It was absolute chrome and fat and deep! She was a native fish and proved it oh so well.

All 18 inches and total fish! She was definately going to be a spawner and that was good to see!

Thank God for whitefish or I would have been skunked today!

We were fishing the Snoqualmie today and I think that there are some other small steelhead in the river after seeing my friends and comparing some of the fish I have LDRED in the last week or so.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Hhmmm, I wonder if you were the two guys that were leaving just as I pulled in. Two trucks, one full size maybe maroon, one small with cap? I saw the trucks there earlier so I went up river to fish. Came back and saw two guys getting ready to leave so I pulled in to kick some dirt and shoot some shite before heading down around the bend, but my timing was off.