Lake Roosevelt Smallies?

Jay Burman

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Can anyone provide info on bass or carp fly fishing at Lake Roosevelt? I'm assuming that there is a lot of warm water opportunity there but it's a huge body of water. Any experience would be helpful.


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The Sanpoil Arm, casting to shore, yeilded a bass or two for me a few years ago.
there has been a lot of interest in ridding this area of bass and walleye and regulations and requirements have been evolving over the past several years I believe. In addition, it is easy to get confused about where WA state and tribal licenses are needed.
I was lucky enough to be fishing with someone who spends their summers up there, so he knew the details.

PS stocked rainbow trout can be caught trolling something, a suitable fly or a tiny plug, 10 to 20 feet below the surface. this is pretty much a cruising pastime, as opposed to targeted fishing.

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