Learning about cane

I've always been interested in Bamboo Rods, even as a young boy. I read stories about some of the old masters and was amazed to learn that split bamboo rod making originated in this country. Well, several years ago I decided to learn how it was done, from a young man named Bill Oyster. This turned out to be a great experience. A lot more work than I expected but truly enjoyable. I new that I would manage to create a rod and would in all likelihood be able to use it to fish with but I didn't think it would be something I'd be willing to show to anyone. Living in Pensacola , FL I spend most of my fly fishing time in the salt. I've been an active member of the Fly Fishers of Northwest Florida since 1986 and was intending to use the rod for Speckled Trout and Redfish. NOT! The darned thing turned out so beautiful that there's no way I'm getting any salt water on it, period. This rod is used only when I wade fish so as not to put any scratches on it. I always take it with me on my Western trips and thoroughly enjoy using it, not abusing it. I hope that one of my grand children some day will find it as enjoyable a rod to fish as I have. This is an 8' 6", fast taper, 6wt, 2piece rod with a fighting butt. If I could figure out how to attach a photo of my rod to this thread, I would. If someone would be willing to help me with that I'd really appreciate it.

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