Epic Carp and Bass day!

Last week, I almost had my first double digit carp day.

If I had just stuck with it, I probably would have, but these pesky other fish kept getting in the way. :cool:

I was conflicted as to which to fish for, but as you know (if you fish for carp), you can't just "aim" for one type, and then "aim" for the other on the next cast. Well...most of the time. I had two rods with me, so I was sort of going back and forth.

Anyway, ended up with eleven takes, one snapped off, and six to hand (on the carp end), and quit counting on the bass. Most of the bass were around 1 to 2 lbs, however I had four more of these bigger Smallies (18 to 20") on, and lost them all at my feet (my fault - horsing to hard with the 4 wt).

All in all... epic day (for me).


Pics of two carp: (one next to rod was the biggest I got in, one snapped off clearly bigger - and I thought the other one was shaped funny - just thought I'd share)

Pics of Smallies: (two biggest that I actually got to hand)

Oh, and I threw in an "action shot" of one of the bass that got away...:D



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Dang, nice work. Carp have lips only a momma carp could love.

And thanks for the heads up. I never check some of these sub forums. Obviously I should.


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Yeah Buzzy, I broke my biix 6wt first time out...got it repair...broke it in a different spot the second trip out. :(
Usually I use my 10 foot Temple Fork 5 wt at Banks but lately the 8 weight has been nice. Like that fighting butt!

Quite a few years ago I was fishing a place we had to boat into with a buddy, he had a Sage 1 weight that didn't survive the first fish. Not quite sure what he was trying to prove..... love these carp, especially when the water warms above 70! Trouts (except for Lahontans) I leave alone. More carps! Headed out there again tomorrow and possibly Saturday

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Checked-out a local river flat this morning. Saw a very few cruisers, but no active feeders.

Came home & had an aggressive yellow jacket buzzing me in the garage, so I grabbed the strategically-located electronic bug racquet, only to find that the red activation cap had fallen-off the switch stem. The racquet did the job anyway, but via impact not electrical shock therapy. One push-button from a disassembled free bank counter ball-point pen was cut-to-length, treated to a thin coat of Krazy Glue, & viola - the racquet is now fully-functional again!

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Awesome day! I am so excited to get back to some serious warm water. Hopefully the temperature will be less than 100 Degrees.