new to dly tying

What dry fly is best could bring out winter long arguements to say the least LOL.

There are some good fly shops up in your area and I bet most offer classes. Though I am self taught and have had some tutors, to go that way can be a frustrating way to go.
A few dollars for at least a basic class will speed up the learning curve. You will probably re-coop your cost for the class just by the amount of materials you would ruin learning on your own.

Talk to William or McQ at Swede's in Woodinville. An intro course really helps shorten the learning curve and you will be introduced to a number of patterns from nymphs, wets, dries, etc.

A word of advice...if you truly just started, you may want to consider starting with streamers or nymphs and then move on to dries. They are a bit more involved and you need a good grasp of the fundamentals before you start messing with wings and parachutes.

just my .02..

Good luck

Scott Behn

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I just got one word for ya to learn


Can't stress that enough, I too am self taught and it took me a long time to get that done to a T...



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