Coffe Creek or Goldsburgho Creek


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I'm from the West side of the peninsula(olympic mt). I do alot of SRC fishing, and I heard about these two creeks. I would like to check them out in the Fall. If any one know's of these creeks and there whereabout's I would love some info!

Hey, Fish:

I fish Goldsborough Creek from time to time in the summer. It runs through Shelton, and easily (too easily) accessible if you take the City Center exit off of 101, and head toward Shelton. Just before the road crosses the creek, there is a pullout on the left. A well worn trail leads right down to the creek. There are a few accessible areas upriver, if you head away from Shelton on the same road, but I haven't fished up that way. I see Goldsborough as the typical westside creek/small river: lots of rising fish, but in the 4 to eight inch range, mostly. I have yet to catch anything over 10" but then again, I fish the area that gets the most worm pressure. I wouldn't really go out of your way to go there, but since no one else responded, I figured I'd give my input.

Where are you currently fishing for cutts? I'm always looking for new spots in that area and up the canal, and I'm not put off by small fish, just as long as I can get out there and explore some new water.

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