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In a pinch, an older Ford truck seatbelt will work as a bottle opener. Other makes and models may, too.

Not to be done while driving, though.


Actually I was just sharing my story with the guys in the shop yesterday. One of the guides said Gorilla tape in the bottom and top of your plug holes will work in a pinch. At least to get you through the day.

Lots of good stuff in here so far. I'm taking notes...hopefully others are learning something as well.
I wrap several (lot's) of turns around each oar so it's always available for as much as someone might need.

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Pro's do not talk, write, brag, represent, nor communicate like a pro. They lay low yet provide info when time is right with undo attention...

IMHO if one needs to broadcast, they are not pro's. They have an inferiority complex.

Tony Pro come to mind?

The true pro's on this site established their credibility with factual info over time to establish their cred. There are a number here, thankfully...
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