Kelly Creek, Idaho?

I know this isn't in Washington, but nonetheless, does anybody know anything about Kelly Creek in Idaho. I'm going up there next weekend, for some catch and release cutthroat action. Any info on the surrounding area, the fishing, and the roads to there would be appriceated. Thanks-

Hi Jon, have been interested in Kelly Creek myself but haven't had the pleasure yet. The Mountaineers book 100 HIKES IN THE INLAND NORTHWEST has good yet complicated road info. Probably real low water conditions. The creek is trail access, and my guess is the further you're willing to hump it the better the fishing, less pressure. It's a south slope trail, so be ready for heat. I've heard there are snakes too. Not to detour the true flyfisher, but it might help protect the fish populations. Wish I could go! Good luck and let us know what you experience. OK? Frank


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You picked a great part of Idaho to fish. I haven't fished Kelly Creek but have heard great things. If your interested in fishing reports check out Clark Fork Trout and Tackle in St. Regis, MT [] If you can, get a copy of Flyfisher's Guide to Idaho by Ken Retallic and Rocky Barker. It has maps, a great description of the water and directions to get there. I borrowed a copy from our local library. It's a great source of info.

According to the book to get there from I-90, exit at Superior, MT and take Trout Creek Rd. over the pass to Forest Rd. 250. At the Forest Rd. 255 intersection (Cedars Campground) turn south to Kelly Creek or continue on 250 to the Kelly's Fork Campground. Kelly Creek Rd. parrallels the the water and according to the book the fishing gets better the farther upstream you go.

As far as patterns go the book recommends elk hair caddis, humpies, parachute Adams and royal Wulffs in #10-16. This time of year it wouldn't hurt to bring a few hoppers and ants too.

I've been fishing the St. Joe in Idaho this summer with good results but have been tempted to drive a little farther and try Kelly Creek. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the info- I bought the Flyfishers Guide to Idaho, and has some great info. I had looked at other Idaho guides, but this one is the best. I'm leaving thiis Saturday, and I'll definitely check back here and tell you all how it went.

Just wanted to report back about Kelly, and in short, I was a little dissapointed. It sure didn't offer the solitude that the books all talked about- there were people everywhere! The fishing was okay- but again very different from what all the books said. I don't know where all the "eager to rise" cutthroats were, but to do best nymphs, and occasionally PMDS emergers were good. I caught plenty, but I can usually do better on any of the local creeks like the NF Snoqualimie. The fish were a little larger, but my best was only 15 inches. Most were 8-12. Lots of whitefish, and in one deep hole, there were about 100 bright red kokanee, that came up from the resivoir on the NF clearwater. I even, to my surprise, caught a 13 inch squawfish (yes, a squawfish) on a Turks Tarantula dry! It was fun, but not worth the drive. Also, one other false hood is that this "creek" is not a creek- its probably a little bigger than the lower middle fork of the Snoqualimie. The NF Clearwater was bigger than the freakin Yakima! So theres my report.

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