Questions on Lenore

I was wondering what fly and and line type tp try at Lenore? I have a floating line, and was wondering if I needed to purchase a sinking line and if so what rate. I am going to try and mkre it there this weekend I will post a report if I do. Thanks for all the help.



Mark Steudel
You could definetly get away with just a floating line. It's not very deep lake from my experience. In the mornings the fish seem to hang near the shoreline, ive heard the same thing in the evenings. In the middle of the day stripping in flies off the island drop off's seem to work. I saw guys using mayfly nymphs on floating lines, they caught more fish than I did using a intermediate and a streamer.

On a side note, if I were to get two lines, I'd get a floating line and a type III line ....

If you have more questions feel free to PM me.

An Intermediate line is the choice of the people I know who fish Lenore and similar relatively shallow, nutrient rich lakes. This slow sinking line (also under various names like Stillwater) sinks only 1 to 1 1/2 or so inches per second, so it doesn't plunge toward the bottom. That said, I agree that a floating line would work until you know more what you want from experience. It seems to me that the Lenore cutts don't feed that much on the surface so you're often better off with a nymph just under it. I'd be prepared to do that with a floating line before rushing out to buy a different one for your first trip.

Lines for Lenore

Fished Lenore today. Very windy in the morning. Finally let up about 1100. Caught fish with a Cortland clear camo line from shore in the wind. In my float tube the intermediate worked also. You could get away with one of Airflo's 10' sinking leaders on a floating line. I used one of these from my float tube and did very well out near the first island on the south end. None of the water seems to be over 8-10 feet deep. Green soft hackles with bead heads were working well for two other fisherman. Size 10 seemed about right. Troll them slow or strip them slow. When the wind quit the fishing slowed down until the afternoon shadows were on the water. A lot of suspended weed strands from the wind action but it didn't seem to bother the fish. About 15 to hand. I think those fish are under-rated as fighters. They don't run or jump that much but they can really pull. Gave my 6wts as much as they wanted. 18 to 20+ inch fish. Nicely colored.

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