Decadent Fish Porn: The Bad Old Days!!!


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I was visiting the Filson Store, on 4th Ave. S., and I saw that they had a significant part of the _Expedition Northwest_ video catalog. Pretty amazing stuff. Actually, the word that came to mind was "DECADENT."

Don McCune and Company were floating and fly fishing the Descutes for red-side trout. I was drooling as they seined the bottom for nymphs and even tied-up a green caddis larva pattern. Simple pattern, but Don catches a tagged red-side. It was somewhat painful as they examined the trout. I was cringing for all the time they poked and prodded the fish. Think of the camera time. :eek: Still, it was a beautiful fish.

And then there was the eggs and potato breakfast with fried trout fillets. How any eggs can you fit into that skillet? How many trout fillets can you fry up? BIG FAT THICK FILLETS! :eek: yum! I felt like a recently converted vegetarian smelling bacon frying. :beer2: OH the PAIN! :beathead:

All I can say that is I went to the Yak this morning and got skunked. October Caddis flying everywhere, and I had patterns. And I got skunked. The worst part of it was when I thought I saw fish rolling and flashing. After a while I realized it was someone's snagged spinner lure blade rolling in the current. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

I tell you, I've got to stop looking at fish porn. :beathead: