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Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Glo bug type eggs are supposed to be easy to tie, but mine look thin and ratty, with the lead eyes I use for weight showing through compared to the tight and dense ones at the fly shop. What are the tricks for getting a nice dense clipped wool body? Do you use eyes or wrapped wire? Do you tie on wool for and aft of the weight? How much wool? How to you compact the wraps?

I've been using #8 TMC 2457 and have been hooking steelhead but losing too many. I have tried going up to a #6. Would I have better luck with a straight eyed hook like the TMC 105, or are there circle or octopus hooks that work better?
One thing that helped me immensly, "Mc FlyFoam" look for it specifically, and I tend to use more than I would think I would need, hope this helps.

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
That's a cool site. I think your link didn't work because it needs to be a capital G on Glo-bug. But I don't understand his step 3 to add some yarn on the bottom.

I also just got Gamakatsu glo-bug hooks. Maybe they'll hold better.


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It's the fluff that counts

I use the standard globug yarn rather than wool, and I've never had a problem with them being fluffy ... quite the opposite, in fact. First one I ever tied was so big it looked like a kitten's toy. :p

I definitely put small pieces of yarn on both the top and the bottom of the hook. Putting yarn on the bottom of the hook is just that -- piece of yarn on topof the shank, one below the shank yadda.

However, it's key to minimize the width of the wraps to hold the yarn down.

That is, if your wraps are wide, they'll hold the yarn out and keep it from coming back together -- it won't ball up. If you need more wraps, wrap in the exact same spot rather than letting the wraps spread out.

But the other key is to fluff the glo bug up. I use a louse comb, a mustache comb's basically the same thing, a toothbrush would work fine too.

Bob Triggs

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There is a tube tool for yarn egg tying, I got mine from The Bug Shop in Anderson, California.

They sent me a three tube kit for three differing size egg flies, and threader for the yarn. The tubes are about four inches long and have a taper at one end.

You thread the yarn into the tube, it's a tight fit, and then pull out half the length yarn you intend to use, then tie in as directions with kit say,(use strongest finest thread you can and minimal wraps and always tight!), You then pull the tube back and snip off the yarn at the desired length and fluff the bad little boy up. It's nice.It's fast and it works. Easy to add eyes, spots etc too.

For steelhead I am using egg hooks from #6 to #2 in size. I like the aGamakatsu and Daiichi hooks but have also used the Mustads for many years.

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