Thompson river steelhead need your help.

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This is something I am posting from Tyler Kushnir up in B.C.
Please take a second and email or call these people and tell
them how ridiculous opening this fishery would be with the
state of the Thompson River Steelhead.



Chum Fishery Threatens The Thompson

It is absolutely unbelievable! In the face of the 2nd worst Thompson Steelhead runs on record DFO has okayed a commercial chum salmon opening for Wednesday Oct. 20th! This is squarely in the heart of the time that all the best science indicates is the prime window of migration through the lower Fraser.

The Provincial Fisheries MWLAP have repeatedly stood agianst such openings - their concern is steelhead, the Federal Fisheries - DFO has jurisdiction over salmon - and they don't care about the steelhead.

This is outrageous, sportfishermen are shut down as even a catch and release fisherey is deemed too dangerous to the health of the run and DFO schedules an opening. We are trying to rally the troops to register our outrage, but with less than two days notice until the opening there is not much time. This has not even been announced yet - this info is a hot leak... It is clear they didn't want us to have time to organize. The newspapers have been contacted and messages are out on bulletin boards - we need some emrgency troops!

Right now we must flood DFO's phone lines with protests ...the Dirctor Generals office is 604 666-6098...(Paul McGillvary)...or any and every other Lower Fraser manager...Devona Adams has often been very helpful....but now seems to think its no big deal...604 666-6512.

Paul McGillvary's e-mail is [email protected]
Devona Adams e-mail is [email protected]

If you have fished the Thompson - or ever hope to fish it in the future take some time and make the effort.

Tight lines - tyler.

Thompson River Refugee

Help! please we need as many emails and phone calls as possible! Please don't forget to mention how much you guys spend when you come up here to chase the Mighty Thompson Steelhead!

Thanks very much, T.M.
Imagine the Thompson, arguably the most beautiful piece of water in the entire West, being down to less than a hundred steelhead by some estimates and now they pull this: selling off some chums and trading in what could be their last few fish.

Bob, the I Ain't goin' North no mo. :mad:

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Latest info

Here is the latest info I got from Dana Sturn at speypages.
There is alot of email addresses to send another letter to.
Now it is time to send your letter of displeasure to the politicians.
Thank you everyone for helping.


We've entered a critical time. We have DFO's attention, however we have no indication that they will respond to our concerns. Despite our efforts, the chum fishery went ahead yesterday, and DFO is considering additional openings. We now need to increase the pressure to make certain that they think long and hard before going ahead with another gillnet fishery in the Fraser.

Over the past 48 hours hundreds, perhaps thousands, of phone calls and emails from around the world have arrived at DFO offices in Vancouver. We need to make sure that thousands more arrive in Ottawa cc'd to Vancouver so that the Canadian government and DFO know that the world is watching.

I implore you to act quickly. This great race of steelhead--an international treasure--is at the mercy of a few short sighted bureaucrats who don't seem to listen when we address them directly. We must now go straight to the top and yell loud and long until we are heard.

What follows is a sample email you could send to The Honourable Geoff Regan, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, to make your feelings known:

Dear Minister Regan,

I was alarmed to learn that Fisheries and Oceans Canada went ahead with a commercial opening for chum salmon in the Fraser River on Wednesday October 20th, 2004. Conservation groups, Provincial officials, and the international angling community expressed their grave concerns about the impact this opening would have upon endangered Thompson River steelhead and demanded that the fishery be suspended, yet despite this outcry your staff in Vancouver refused to act to protect this threatened fish species.

I understand that Fisheries and Oceans is considering additional chum salmon openings in the coming weeks. The Government of Canada must intervene. The Minister must order an immediate halt to all commercial fisheries in the Fraser River and other Thompson River steelhead approach areas; further, the Minister must order a full public review of the Pacific salmon fishery's impact upon wild steelhead populations.

email addresses:

send an email to The Honourable Geoff Regan at: [email protected]

cc the following:

Canadian Government

Prime Minister Paul Martin: [email protected]
Minister of the Environment Stephane Dion: [email protected]
David Anderson MP: [email protected]

the Opposition

Stephen Harper
Leader of the Opposition
[email protected]

Loyola Hearn
Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Critic
[email protected]

John Cummins
Assistant Fisheries Critic
[email protected]

Robert Mills
Environment Critic
[email protected]

John Reynolds
[email protected]

Jack Layton
Leader of the New Democratic Party
[email protected]

DFO Vancouver Staff

Paul MacGillivray [email protected]

Devona Adams [email protected]

British Columbia Provincial Officials

Premier Gordon Campbell [email protected]

Bill Barisoff, Minster of Water Land and Air Protection [email protected]

also please cc to me at [email protected]

please distribute this information widely, posting it on other websites or forwarding it on to anyone you believe could help. We need many voices so that the Canadian government knows that the world will not sit idle while they net Thompson steelhead into extinction.

Just one thing.

The one major thing I hate about PETA is not their love for animals but the ways they go about getting their message out. For the first time I have now seen the same tactic on a fishing website. I know its to save the fish but giving out phone numbers and emails simply to harrass the "man" is the main thing that I cant stand about activists. No offense but they are going to net the fish and no matter how much you say you spend, they dont get a check directly from your catch.

Money Talks and we dont spend ours in the right places. I dont think what your doing is wrong but its not right either.


Banned or Parked
flylikeIdo said:
The one major thing I hate about PETA is not their love for animals but the ways they go about getting their message out. For the first time I have now seen the same tactic on a fishing website. I know its to save the fish but giving out phone numbers and emails simply to harrass the "man" is the main thing that I cant stand about activists. No offense but they are going to net the fish and no matter how much you say you spend, they dont get a check directly from your catch.

Money Talks and we dont spend ours in the right places. I dont think what your doing is wrong but its not right either.
There is a big difference between harassment and sending a well-written letter of concern. These are the correct people to be contacting on this issue, so there is no problem there. Standing back and ignoring the situation is the same as supporting it.

Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
After sending in my letters, I received the two attachments back from John Reynolds:

Here is the first one:

Jim Abbott,
B.C. Caucus Chair

October 7, 2004

Conservative Party BC Regional Caucus wants action on Fraser River salmon fishery
No time to wait, says Abbott, as fish stocks plummet toward extinction

Ottawa – The Fraser River salmon fishery is in a crisis and the government must act now to stop it. That was the reaction of the Conservative Party BC Regional Caucus to the disastrously low salmon runs on the Fraser River this year.

“The federal Liberal government is dithering while salmon fish stocks on the Fraser River face extinction,” said Jim Abbott, the Conservative Party BC Regional Caucus Chair. “The government has received warning after warning that this situation could happen, but it failed to respond.”

This year (2004) the escapement number for Fraser River Salmon was insufficient for conservation purposes. For instance, out of a predicted run of 4,518,000 sockeye, fewer than 200,000 are expected to reach the spawning grounds. The BC caucus argues that the government could have avoided this crisis by implementing the recommendations of the 2001 Fraser River Salmon Fishery Report tabled by the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans in 2003.

“I repeatedly urged the government to implement the recommendations in the 2001 Salmon Fishery Report,” said Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon MP Chuck Strahl. “The government refused to take this advice and now look where we are.”

The impact on the economy and aboriginal communities of such low salmon runs is devastating. The British Columbia fisheries (recreational and commercial) are currently the province’s fourth largest industry, generating approximately $2 billion a year for BC’s economy. Many aboriginal communities also rely on the resource for food and ceremonial purposes.

“Jobs will certainly be threatened if this problem is not fixed,” said Natural Resources Critic John Duncan. “It is also evident that aboriginal groups may not receive the resources they need for food and ceremonial purposes,” said Indian Affairs Critic Jim Prentice. “That would truly be devastating to their culture and way of life.”

The BC Regional Caucus is also calling on the government to immediately reconvene the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans and recommend that it travel to BC to assess the problem and make further recommendations if necessary. It also demands that the government restore funding to fishery enhancement programs.

“The Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans needs to reconvene immediately,” said Fisheries and Oceans Critic Loyola Hearn. “We need to examine this issue and provide advice to the government that is objective and credible. Having the government investigate itself will only lead to a conflict of interest and no resolution to this crisis. The time to act is now.”
- 30 -

For more information, please contact: Jim Abbott, MP at (613) 995-7246

Here is the second one:

Loyola Hearn, MP
Official Opposition Fisheries Critic
St. John's South - Mount Pearl
News Release
19 October 2004
Conservatives Express Concern About the Opening
of Chum Fishery on the Fraser River

OTTAWA, October 19, 2004 – Conservative Fisheries & Oceans critic Loyola Hearn expressed concern about the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s plan to open the Fraser River for a commercial chum fishery on Wednesday. Hearn cautions that in light of this year’s fiasco in managing stocks on the Fraser River DFO should proceed with care.
“This proposed opening coincides with the migration of Thompson and Upper Fraser Steelhead. The Steelhead returning this year is the second lowest on record. Any destruction due to by-catch could be disastrous for this stock” said the MP.
Hearn also stated that he was advised that this decision to open the Fraser River for a commercial chum fishery was done with little or no notice to interested parties, even the provincial government.
For further information, please contact 709-687-6988.

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Thanks Alpinetrout.

These email addresses and phone #'s are for sending in letters of concern.
These people are elected public servants. This is part of their job.
I did not post home #'s or email addresses. I agree with Alpine "ignoring
the situation is the same as supporting it". I just think it would be a shame to lose these fish.
FlylikeIdo is right!

Let's sit idly by while the resource that we are all so passionately enamored with is thoughtlessly eliminated!

After all, neither our government - nor Candada's - is a representative government, where the people are meant to have a say in governmental policy.

*sick with sarcasm *

FlylikeIdo - this isn't a personal attack, rather a general attack on apathy. Please don't take it personally, but know that the sentiment that we should not make our voices heard is not constructive to solving the many problems that we face as citizens, wildlife management and conservation issues included.

Many tactics can be used to influence legislation, but direct communication with legislators, government officials, and government officers has proven effective on countless fronts in the past, including fish management.

Thanks to all who have responded same.

My letters are sent, and that is quite right.

:ray1: Teeg.
More gillnetting to come?!!!

I just read on the FishBC website that more chum openings are planned for next week! So please keep up the pressure. "Flylikeyoudo" just what is your problem, the people named here are directly responsible in making the decision as to whether or not the Thompson steelhead are netted into history. They are well paid for making bad decisions and probably recieve even more pressure from the public on other issues. What do you propose we do?

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Flylikeido: This is a civil democracy. We have more power than we know, most of it rests in freedom of speech and our ability to direct our legislatures. The squeeky wheel does get the oil, eventually. But only if it squeeks.

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