Seattle's Green Lake lunkers: Bass or Carp?



What exactly are those fat critters swimming around in Greenlake? I saw a glimmer of big, golden brown scales and scary round mouths. Either way, any suggestions on trying to hook into one? Technique...flies?


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I actually live right up the street from the lake and see them all the time as well. To answer your question, they're Carp....go crazy! least you're fishing, right?

- DW

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Green Lake can get kind of murky when the weather warms so seeing carp may become a little problematic as the summer gears up. Carp were spawning a week and a half ago and they were everywhere in the shallows (by that I mean you couldn't go ten feet in any direction on the lake without seeing them thrashing about in the shallows). When it is not spawning season, I see them most often at the north end of the lake (where community center is on over to where the wading pool is) but I think that's because there are better vantage points there and no weeds/lily pads like on the west and south sides of the lake. After witnessing the carp spawn for the last two years on Green Lake, I can tell you there are A LOT of carp in that lake. I have even seen the suckers get air every once in a while going after bugs on the surface.

And yes, there are tiger musky in the lake. Someone within the last month or so posted on this site about a musky encounter while fishing for trout. They've been planted in the last couple of years in an attempt to control the rough fish populations. Don't seem to be having much impact on the carp population yet (adults would be quite a mouthful), but maybe they're getting the little ones before they have a chance to grow up.

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On the downside:
Spawning carp are notoriously tight lipped....the main problem with Greenlake is not the fish, but the people. I tried my luck last summer and attracted a small crowd of gawkers...wading is limited...

On the upside:
I have discovered from my "Banks Lake Experience" that if you can SEE a carp you can HOOK it...It just takes the right fly and a perfect cast to withing 6 inches of its nose...and they fight with amazing brute force...

Best of luck :COOK

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