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I recently acquired two bamboo rods. I know nothing about them, one of them is 9 foot and one of them looks to be about 8 foot. I'm interested in using the 9 foot rod for small trout streams and other smaller fish.The 8 foot rod I feel is just a wall hanger. Anyway can someone help me out with what the value of these rods are and what line would be suitable for them?
Here's some pictures of the 9 foot rod

Pictures of the 8 foot rod.

I noticed that the 8 foot rod has a very interesting shaped handle


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I assume the 8' rod is the Phillipson Paramount. If it's all original length and has the second (spare) tip section plus original tube and sock it is a very good rod to fish and of some decent value. My wild guess $400-800. Phillipson were very good rods in the middle price ranges back when they were made they have an enthusiastic following today and are one of my favorites. The Paramount was a higher grade model in their lineup and 8' Phillipsons are thought by many to be their best length. That odd shaped handle is the Hammer Handle. Many love them. Some hate them. Ive never tried one myself. The Montague Flash is a lower end rod and if 9' may be tiring to cast. There are a lot around on eBay and their prices tend to be low. Ron


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If you want a better educated estimate of the Phillipson's value a great way to do that would be to post a request for an appraisal on Classic Rod Forum under the Appraisals section. You'll need to post a lot of photos and make sure to show the entire rod, all pieces from tip to butt, and show the sock and tube too. The folks who respond really know bamboo rods and their market well. You'll have to sign up for the forum but if you are getting into bamboo rods its a great place to know. Best of luck, Ron
The eight foot Phillipsons are about as good as it gets. Serious fishing rods for serious fishermen. You can find prettier rods, but nothing that casts or fishes any better.

Bill was nothing if not pragmatic. To him performance and durability always came before "pretty," and his rods tend to reflect that.

The glue lines in his rods are quite distinct because that was the best stuff available at the time, and he was less interested in invisible glue lines than a durable rod.

The "no-rock" reel seats are kinda ugly, but I've never, ever had one come loose...

I really like the hammer handle grips. Very ergonomic and comfy.

If the rod is sound and the ferrules are good, line it with a plain-Jane double taper-5 and have a blast. Even if the rod has some issues, it'd be worth the 100 bucks to have Mike Sinclair go over it.

I will not comment on the Montague...
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What they said... all of it. :p

Depending on the Phillipson's condition (see Ron's 1st post - above), you scored a really nice rod.

The Monty'? Not quite so much.
It's not that they're bad rods. It's just that they made a bajillion of them. And, it's a 9 footer so not as desirable to some as the shorter rods.
Take both of them fishing and report back.
The 8 foot rod is in rough shape. I don't think it is fishable, I think I'm going to pay to have it restored.
The 9 foot rod however is an absolute blast. I used it today for the first time, also my first time ever using a bamboo rod. I went to a secret spot a friend of mine told me about I had to hike in a few miles. In four hours I caught over 100 fish on the 9 foot bamboo rod. I was using a five weight line off from another rod. I definitely I need to find a antique reel or at least to reel that is heavier than the real I was using because the rod was not balanced. Any recommendations as far as reals?


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Great outing, great pics! For heavier reels try the Pflueger Medalists, old South Bends older, cheap Hardy Lightweight knockoffs made in Japan I think in the 60's. Those 9' rods do need the heavier reels to balance. You'll find the 8' Phillipson will be amazing even with lighter reels.

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