I'm Lost



I recently moved over from the eastside of the state and have found myself in a bit of fishing confusion. You see there are only a couple of fishable bodies of water in the east side (st' joe, kelly creek etc) and therefore decideing where to go is not difficult.

But now it seems as if there are innumerable bodies of water over here and i am discombobulated. Could anyone please point me to a good trout stream in the Bellevue area.



Be the guide...
Well, as you'll find out soon enough, there aren't many good trout streams in this state at all. We have a few, and some rivers\streams have some stretches that produce pretty well, but it takes time and work to find them.

Your best bets (with Bellevue being your starting point) would be the snoqualmie forks or the upper Yakima. I would say all are too cold and high right now.

If you need to get your line wet, and want a chance at hooking a fish, you could try the lower snoqualmie for summer steelies (the water is high, but you may be able to find fish closer to the bank and in the soft water) or for your best odds, hit a local lake - Rattlesnake fly fishes well - whether from shore or from boat\tube (selective rules), and Pine, Beaver, Alice, Phantom (spiny rays) will be fishing well with this warm weather...

Good luck.

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