Orvis Pontoon?

Okay...I've searched "pontoon" here and on google til I can't see straight, and I still can't find what I'm looking for.

I have an outcast trinity tube that I love for lakes, but it's no pontoon. This leaves me looking for access points that I can wade from on rivers, wistfully watching the boats go by. Two weeks from now I'll be fishing the Cowlitz with a bunch of you codgers, and I have no boat, which I hear is a need for that river. (Not entirely true...I do have a canoe.)

Which brings me to my point: Orvis has their pontoons on sale for $297.

Yes I'd love to go buy a water master, but at $1100, I could buy two pontoons and have an extra for a buddy with cash to spare. The water master isn't out of the question, but the $300 is a little easier to justify.

Does anyone have an Orvis Pontoon or know someone that has?

I'm one of those pain in the asses that rarely impulse buys, but rather researches to no end for the best value that meets my requirements. As Nov 11th nears, my rational thinking will deteriorate as I seek to avoid being boatless on the Cowlitz.

On a separate note...if there is an army of pontoons and boats decending on the Cowlitz in a few weekends, is there going to be some sort of organized shuttle brigade? Not having a boat, I am unwise in the ways of shuttling.
It looks like a good boat, but the only thing I am not sure about them is if there is a platform behind the seat to put gear. And for the price I don't think you could go wrong. I say look at other boats in the same price range as the sale price and decide from there.

Such as

It has a larger weight capacity and a platform for gear.

These guys have a warehouse in Kent and you can get the TU Madison or Colorado free shipping to the warehouse.


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The Orvis boat was made by Water Skeeter if that helps at all.
Opinions are all over the board when it comes to Pontoon boats. Personally I don't skimp on much but the last thing I'd skimp on is a boat for running moving water. If you are already pleased with your Outcast tube, they also make some great pontoons.


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Just FYI, there is an outcast pontoon listed in the classified section of fly anglers online. It's 10' and the asking price is $850.

My .02 cents.

The first Pontoon boat I ever bought was the orvis boat, made by water skeeter. I used it for 2 years and then bought a used SouthFork by Buck's from someone here on WFF, it is the boat I still use today. I sold the Orvis to a buddy and he uses it still as well.

The Orvis boat was fine in lakes and moving water, I had it on the Sauk, Stilly, Grande Ronde. It tracks fairly well and comes with an anchor set up, though no anchor and rope.

What I did not like was that it is much heavier than the Bucks, which became apparent in carrying it into Lenice, the frame had a tendency to rust and the oars were too short.

The Bucks is lighter, the frame does not rust and the oars are longer. I think I paid $350 for it used.

If you end up buying the Orvis boat I'd recommend buying some new, longer oars and fashioning a wood insert to make a platform behind the seat for your cooler or dry bags. There is a frame, but like most boats including the Bucks, only a flimsy mesh platform.

If you fish primarily in lakes or don't have to carry it too far, the price seems right on the orvis boat and you then also get their support if anything goes wrong with it. I've always had a great experience with Orvis on their gear and support issues.

Good luck, hope this helped and tight lines!

used watermasters can be found . . .

If you want a watermaster, don't forget that they can be found used. I got mine direct from the MT factory, used but refurbished with all new accessories for ~$700. This was four years ago but I'm sure there are deals out there.

I had a water skeeter pontoon that I used exactly twice before selling it to a buddy. I found it to be heavy and difficult to assemble/disassemble.

Good luck,
Rod :beer1:
Oh it just got so much worse....I called water master and they are "on sale".

I was able to get off the phone without breaking down, but my wallet just ran out the door in sheer terror.

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