Coulter Creek

hey guys,
was wondering if you guys have heard of coulter creek? I saw it in a book somewhere, supposed to have native cutts to about 10", along with sea runs in fall. It's suppsoed to be fair fishing so says the book, i think it's in belfair, any information gladly accepted!!!

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the creek as excellent estuary fishing for chums,kings, cutties, and starry flounder from a boat or float tube if you do that fishing the creek channel that winds thru the flat, fished it a couple of times last year and caught a starry flounder in the 6-8 lb range fishing for chums in october, earlier run like most of the chums runs in that part of the sound(deer,cranberry,sherwood,johns,) come in october, but they can be real bright. kings in august. watch out for the low tide, you'll be stranded.

never fished the creek itself, that ain't my style.

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I hope you don't believe everything you read in books on fishing in Washington State. I've read up on a few places and have yet even find any fish in them. Most of those books were written many years ago and they just update them but not about any fishing. Jim :COOK
I actually planned to fish Coulter Creek last Sunday, but felt kind of lousy when I woke up. Haven't fished it yet this season, but I have in the past. Typical westside creek. Mostly small cutts to about 8". Access is limited, and the places you can get to from the road without crossing private property are heavily fished with metal. It has a run of salmon in late August/early fall, so the resident cutts are fairly small. By the way, the Salmon are off limits. Don't know about the SRC run, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a decent one. I fish for SRCs from our beach place which is on the Sound not far from Coulter.