Fishing Near Auburn Last Week Of June


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Where are some good places to fish within an hour of Auburn with bass, craappy, panfish, tiger musky, carp, or any thing that isn't stocked trout (I've caugt enoughof them up here)
Will there be any fish in the green river (steelhead ???) or the sky?
Also good access poits to these rivers would be nice to know.
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Lake Tapps has all of the above in abundance and is 10min from Auburn... Impossible to fish during the middle hours of the day due to the ski boats and jet skis that make the water very choppy.
My dad sees huge carp swimming the shallows every morning and evening when he feeds the ducks... snagged one last summer, it was most difficult fight I've ever had (esp. with a 5 weight) like dragging a bulldozer with an attitude off the bottom...