Munn Lake Convenience


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Jeese!! I do a report on the shitter and everyone goes there to fish.....

Now I know why Lue drives "blindfolded" all the time.
Wait a minute Bruce, on your last post you said you got skunked....this post said fishing was enjoyable?? Skunky, outhouse.....what were you fishing for? brown trout? :confused:??

That would be fishin for da "boneless brown" don't ya know[/QUOTE]

Fall colored browns?.....are those big yellow spots?....Oh no! It's corn! :eek: !!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Don't be bucket brigading any of those browns into the lake, now, gentlemen. I have yet to fish Munn.
Please excuse me. After responding to this thread, I think I have to go wash my hands.

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