What could you tie with Bobcat?

i have a vintage 'How to Catch Salmon/Bucktailing" by jack gaunt and it says polar bear bucktail flies are where its at. i thought he was joking at first but he swears by them. in 1971.
Matt Burke said:
I get all my polar bear from Avid Angler. If it is illegal, I sure am going to miss that shop.
I suppose that could be because I am wrong. That big white bear is not listed anymore, if it ever was, which . . . . sorry :(. Still, exotic materials can be a problem, for example, there are a number of seals listed. ahhh forget it. never mind.

Matt Burke

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Don't sweat it Terry,

There are ways to work around the rules, just ask any republican. I think Polar bear can be sold if it was skinned before the protective thing went into effect. But you are right, there are skins that will get you into some real trouble.

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