pass lake shiner

what kind of shiners are those in pass lake? does anyone have a good pattern to imitate?

Thanks to whoever found my sunglasses and put them on the fee box, and thanks to all the guys who didn't take them before i came back.

Just fished for about 23 hours over 4 days mostly afternoons. Got 13 fish, 12 of them rainbows between 16-18 inches and one 19 inch brown. kinda slow for this time of year, i'd have expected about double the number of fish with more browns. all on black WB's or a tan WB with a yellow tail. A bright yellow tail, first time i've used it but it compared well with the black WB, the old standby. the eclipse was awsome!
the picture looks close, but I'm still not sure thats right. maybe there is more than one type.

actually i'm pretty sure fathead minnow is a forum member's nickname. I'm not saying who...

the fathead tag comes from the males swelling head as he prepares for spawning.

Anyone have patterns other than the good old Wooly Buggers that they favor at Pass?
Go to my photo gallery and look at the two fly patterns there--they usually do well for me at Pass, in various colors. By the way, it was real slow for me there on Saturday. The fish were hunkered down in the weedbeds. Might have been the cold front. Good luck.

aaron j
Thanks for the ideas. If the winter is as warm as predicted I'll be spending quite a few more days on Pass this year. I'll try these out.

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