2 pontoon boats for sale South Fork & Bronco

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8 foot Bucks Bag South Fork for sale for $400. 9 foot Bucks Bag Bronco for $600. Both of these boats have been used less than 10 times and in lakes only. They are in great shape and cost us $600 and $1000 new 8 or 9 months ago. We never seem to use since we got a drift boat for the river. Would also be interested in trades for Spey stuff, Watermaster kickboat or small (10'-13') raft. We live in Monroe/ Maltby area.


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Does that mean they are the 2003 or 2004 model? Not a big deal, I just think they upgraded a few things recently.
Do you still have the boats?

I live off Paradise Lake rd. and would like to check them out. Any chance we could set up a time here in the next couple days?
are you looking for the South Fork or the 9' Bronco. You can come see them Thursday, Friday, or on the weekend. I should be home pretty early next couple days(4:00). Email me with what you would like to do.
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