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Trevor Hutton
Here is my experience. I first bought all the cheapest stuff possible. BIG mistake! This made my learning slower because of the equipment I was using. I then had to slowly replace all my inferior stuff with things that actually worked. To get good equipment is quite an investment, I know, but it is well worth it. Be sure that tying your own flies is something you think You will want to continue doing, spending all that money then never using the stuff would be a total waste. If you aren't sure find a friend who does and have him show you some things and let you try, That's what I would do. As to the kits...well I don't know about all of them but that is what most of my first tools came out of :HMMM My biggest suggestion: try stuff before you buy stuff!

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Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

I know the feeling. I bought a lot of dubbing and now I find out that me adding dubbing sucks big time. So I work around it.I get yarn and if it's 3 ply or 4 ply I just split it apart and wrap it on the hook. It has worked so far so I just keep doing it.

I tried to do the dubbing thing but it just didn't seem to work so I don't anymore. :DUNNO

I try to buy better feathers as cheap just doesn't cut it. :THUMBSUP Jim S.

Well this is all for now. :COOK