Planning trip with a newbie caster- any local advise?


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Hello and cudos to all who help make this such a fantastic fly fishing forum. Such a site is especially useful for the traveling fly fisherman.
I am working in Tacoma until end of July. My wife is coming out for the first week of July and we want to enjoy some local flyfishing. As she is new to the sport, I am more inclined to go to lakes or rivers that can be waded, so that she can relax a bit more and work on the basic principles. We can do a float trip the next time.... I am willing to drive 3 hrs in any direction and would probably end up staying a couple of nights.
I have read a lot of the postings and have searched a few other sites. I am open to suggestions. Right now, I am considering the Crab Creek lakes- perhaps get a couple of belly boats. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Do you mostly plan to fish for trout, or do you want to hit some summerruns? A 3 hour drive from Tacoma yields TONS of possibilities. You pretty much have all of Western WA covered with that range. You have excellent opportunities to the west out on the OP/SW WA rivers. You also have chances up north, but I'm not as familiar with those rivers, so someone else can point you in that direction. Then you have access to the Yakima for trout. Just depends on what exactly you're looking for fishingwise. There are tons of possibilities wading wise. Just depends on what type of fishing you want to do. There are also some salt destinations very close to Tacoma where you can hit some searun cutts and salmon. So the choices are unlimited, just depends on what you're targeting.

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Well as for the rivers up north they are all quite high now. Maybe they might come down by the 1st of July but I wouldn't bet on it.

I went to Bacon Creek today and it is even high and boiling. In fact I don't think that I've ever seen the rivers as high as they are now at this time of the year. We must of had one heck of a snow pack up there. Jim S. :BIGSMILE
I helped get my wife and daughter turned on to flyfishing/flycasting at a private lake (results are practically guaranteed and so is a degree of privacy). If you are interested on locations nearby that worked for me, e-mail me.

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