Moving on with life: the Bush saga continues

I was even more upset by the win of Doug Sutherland then Bush in a lot of ways though neither is a win for wild fish. Might be because of my sitting between Sutherland and Simms durring a hearing on public lands and seeing that neither of them really gave dam about what any of the public up on stage were saying. It did not matter if the person on stage was for cutting down more trees or protecting wild life in our public forest, both Simms and Sutherland paid no attention at all. It was clear both Simms and Sutherland could not care about the public, just their own pockets This was very clear to me after sitting between them both for well over two hours playing a fly on the wall. Neither said any thing to me the whole time and talked like I was not even sitting between them. Hell they both even talked about kick backs they were getting etc. At least Simms never even got to the final dance and that is something I am happy about. As I left the public hearings the only thing I did that night was to hand Simms the following sticker. I am for wild Salmon and I vote. Just wish I would have had two of those stickers with me.

Time for us all to redouble our efforts and send in letters to all the old and new people in public office both local and federal :mad: .
Remember its not a Dem or Rep thing. Its about what we the American people want and each of us has the right and the duty to speak up and try to be heard.

David Holmes

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TomB said:
Four More Years of Bu**shit (pick which ever two letters you want cuz they mean the same thing)

"Four More Years of Bu**shit"? What??? Bushshit? Is that supposed to be funny or something?

And what is a "Facist"? Do you mean "Fascist"? If so, are you trying to make a joke about how Fascists aren't elected but this one was?

It's hard work deciphering your cryptic messages.

Matt Burke

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To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand: “A great effort was made... to obscure or obfuscate the truth.”
To render indistinct or dim; darken: The fog obfuscated the shore.

What a great word.

Zen Piscator

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look its better now, get on with your lives

worldanglr said:
Ah well, so much for the salmon and steelhead of the Columbia. Sigh.
Sadly true, does anything matter to them besides money? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GEORGE!? He says the lord has put him here to improve our nation. That is the most delusional thing i have ever heard. What have we done with our country, and the rest of the world for that matter? 100,000 people are dead in Iraq, Dubya don't seem to care much about that. While he seems incapable of critical thought, he can sure spell. "For 100 points gorge, how do u spell environment?" "O-I-L". That is incorrect George.

I mourn,
So what is everybody going to do now?

It sound like a white flag a waving. The fact is the nation has been voting for more more and more Republicans for several decades. Just look at the numbers in the US Congress. The Dems only have about 23 governers now and the party is not as strong as it once was.

Either the party is going to change or the public will have to change. Either way waiting for four years on a wing and a prayer means nothing gets done.

Bashing the party that just got over 50% of the popular vote will not get you too far. Right now an environmentalist or conservationist may not be able to have a social cup of coffee with a Republican, at least not in public. Some how that seems like a recipe for more of the same.

As I listened to Bush and Kerry give their speeches today, it seems like an invotation to at least talk. Something has to give or the best anyone can hope for is partisan vote of 51 to 49. That kind of legislation is usually not the best for all concerned.

A lot of legislation gets passed with little opposition. Maybe 80% of both sides vote yes. The extremists on both sides are upset but reasonable legislation gets passed and things get better. The next vote makes things better yet.

Nothing gets done untill you can talk to each other.



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Dblhaul said:
Speaking of spelling... stay in school buddy....
Nobody misspells 'george' 3x by accident.

Maybe the gorge he is referring to runs somewhere behind the eyes and between the ears of 'george dubya bush.
Don't be MANIPULATED by the media folks. Read less newspapers and watch less TV. KVI 570 radio tells you what the liberals are keeping from you, and FOX channel news is nor left or right, they are neutral and will tell you the bottom line without being biased. Unfortunately more embarrasing for the liberals, less so for the conservatives. They will expose to you on whos lying or not telling the whole truth.

I find it funny that nbc,abc and cbs,etc. talk about Kerry for hours and talk no more than minutes about Bush... hmmm.
Remember a month or so ago the screw up on Dan Rather and 60 minutes, theres a PERFECT example how screwed up liberals are.

Biblical principles and FREEDOM is what counts in my book, how bout yours?

NO apologies here.

Peter <><
Isn't biblical principles and freedom somewhat of a dichotomy? :p Talk about a sore winner! It's times like these that Roper's tag line really begins to make sense. "Life goes on, enjoy it." Thanks Roper, I'm goin fishin.
Obviously you do not understand what I mean, I don't expect everyone to understand my statement. Should I have to put it in a "parable" like one Famous One did to make it easier to understand? Maybe later...

For those Who Do Know where I'm coming from, pray for Bush to have the strength to get through these upcoming "trials and tribulations" because its going to be rough, and I'm not talking about just the Terrorist either...

Why should we care about this crooked, fear instilling President being reelected for a second term?
--Iraq: Yes, this country matters. 4+ Billion per month of money we DON'T have. In other words, us and our grandchildren will be paying 15% INTEREST on this war that has resulted in over 1,000 deaths of middle/lower class Americans and over 5,000 casualties (can you honestly tell me this loss in life and injury has saved at least this many lives by going to war?!!)
--Fish: For those of you who care about the future of our fisheries in the world (i.e. Bush won't slow Global warming by signing Kyoto protocol or any similar-minded treaty/legislation that would keep our waters cool for the Dollie V. and other salmonids) or in the state (for those of you who haven't noticed GW wants HATCHERY fish counted as WILD fish) you may want to consider his record.
--Education, Economy, etc...The man wants to redistribute money that would traditionally go to public schools to vouchers and charter schools...further weakening the model public schools we look up to; The man wants to continue tax cuts for those who will spend them the least (i.e. those who make several hundred thousand per year); and most importantly the man believes that prohibiting Gay marriage will only strengthen our social institution of marriage (did we forget that over 50% of heterosexual couples find themselves divorced?...what's wrong if Gays want to STAY married and not divorce...would that weaken marriage-I think not)