Swap Winter Lake Oh Yeah!


Indi "Ira" Jones

The idea is mostly to tie a pattern(s) that would work well in the winter, but I won't limit it to just that. With 12 tiers you would need to tie a total of 22 flies. You could either do 22 of the same pattern, or you could do 11 of one pattern and then 11 of a different pattern.

Right now I'm thinking of either doing a white leech pattern or a green meanie.

1. Irafly DONE
2. troutpocket DONE
3. PhilR DONE
4. Travis Bille
5. Wayne Kohan DONE
6. Rod Wittner DONE
7. golfman44 DONE
8. Matt B DONE
9. whoolyocto DONE?
10. Buzzy DONE
11. triploidjunkie DONE
12. Kfish DONE
13. Chief DONE
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I would like to take part in this please sir if you would be so kind I would greatly appreciate it and will try ever so hard to tie spanking good flies.

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