Rattlesnake lake

Hit the lake on saturday evening and had a great time. Weather was great and the lake was smooth. Not too many fishers there, aside from the normal amount of anglers and those darn poachers. :MAD . Most luck was had down on the farside of the lake. Trolling a six pack yeilded the most hits. My buddy and i stayed out their till just after 10:30pm. The fish were biting strong right up until we pulled out tubes out of the water. Prolly pulled ina bout 6 or 7 fish a peice that evening. Got alot of hits around 10. Then the bats were getting in the way so we called it a night. :BIGSMILE . Overall, the fish were bigger than in the past few weeks right around 12 inches with some more weight, great fighters.

Also, at that far end of the lake everyonce in awhile we would drift over some shallower areas where you could just make out the bottom. On a number of occassions we were able to see a coupe larger fish meandering in the area (14 to 15 inches????) So they are in their. Anyone have any stories of lunkers in that lake? g'luck all.

Hey, I think I saw you guys there that night!! I was the lonely float tuber on the far end of the lake with you who was standing on top of the stump casting for awhile :BIGSMILE I had some good luck as well with a black bead head leech I tied and trolled with a sink tip. I caught a bunch of 15's then had the lunker hit trolling back to the boat ramp around 9.30, it was 24" and was one of the Triploads ? that they planted I am assuming. It took me about 15 minutes to get in on my 5 wt but it was great!! So net net the big ones are there but I think you have to go deep and fish late. Good luck in the future and hope to see you out there again,

The larger fish may not be triplods since they did a late planting last year in August or September there are more hold overs this year though many of them have already been taken. I wish they would make this lake have a lower limit of fish to improve the holdovers even more. It might also help keep the poachers away abit.

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