pass lake winter report

Rick Todd

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So, a few of us ventured to Pass this morning. One of us recommends the barista just after you turn off 20 towards Pass - no pictures allowed.

A little cool (frickin cold with the wind) as we rigged up. Wind let up a bit but the day required being well bundled up. Being in the sun was nicer but it really never came up much. Water temp was 37, a tad cooler than reported last week. The three of us had the lake to ourselves most of the day. Three others showed up for a bit. Fishing decent, catching variable. One person will not be mentioned. I picked up three bows, one of us got a hook up but none to the net.

We did manage to warm up enough to put some burgers on the barby, which was a welcome, warm treat. A nip or two ended the day.

Perfect way to ring in 2016 - fishing, food, a little libation and, of course, friends. Oh yeah, swans on the drive out - gotta love those birds.

It will only get better as we all move forward in 2016. I am truly looking forward to it!

I've noticed how good the coffee is at that stand! Glad you guys had fun. It was -7 one morning in Winthrop!

Rick Todd

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Scott. After hearing about the cowgirl at Buzzard all these years, I suppose we will hear about the barista as well for a long time!


Indi Ira
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Thinking about trying Pass Lake tomorrow. Has anyone gone in the past few days and is it clear of ice?

Ice at the launch early in the morning. Ice across the middle that is thin enough to pound through.


Thanks Irafly. Do you think I can navigate the lake in my pontoon after launching using my flippers?

Tried to fish another lake today, but the ice was so thick that I could not get out.

Tim Lockhart

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Obviously I was there after Ira but before gmole..


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Obviously I was there after Ira but before gmole..

This looks like some kind of new-fangled SOT fishing kayak. Nice ice-camo graphics and stealthy design features! Where are the paddles? I'll bet that blue&white cooler is actually a remote contolled stealth-mode electric trolling motor.

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