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Well, I have never tied one and never fished one, but I've seen them on TV. :rofl: If you are willing to let a beginner/intermediate tyer in, I think that I could probably manage an articulated egg sucking leech pattern. How long do the tyers get to produce the flies?

I think by Xmas, I could likely tie up the 100 or so flies that it would take to get 10 flies that look worth while. I would very much like to be involved.

I'm in - purple egg sucking bunny string leech..I can tie true articulated style if you want.....but these are faster and give the same result.

never tied an artiiculated fly. does a salt water popper count as one? I would be interested in seeing some of these posted if you could. I'm quite sure that several others on this site would also. Thanks
Thanks for the link Trevor. it's ironic that I looked at that very link last night before shutting down this box. That pattern looks pretty cool. I was thinking of trying it on some of those BIG Kamloops trout that I was after this past summer. They look like they might just be "the ticket". I'm imagining that you are tying these for steelhead and salmon but, have you used them on big trout (or smaller 18"+)? How did they work and what size hooks would you use? Thanks again, Randy
I use them quite a bit on lakes, especially ones that have browns in them. One of my favorites is using black spey marabou spun on both hook with a little red krystal flash mixed in...
I've seen articulated Damsel flies tied down to 14's but most of the leech type patterns that I have seen are tied on 4's or bigger. The leeches are pretty killer for most big predator fish particularly in lakes (trout, pike, tiger-muskie, bass). I've read that most western lakes contain leeches of some manner or another.

I'll be tying my leech on half of a Wandington shank for the front end and a Daiichi 2051 #3 for the business end. Not sure if I'll use mono or Dacron for the hinge.