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Hey Guys,

Just checking in to see where everybody's at. Are we still waiting for more tiers? Not trying to be pushy. Just want to know when I should start & finish tying. :thumb:
The marathaon swap is taking December off so I have time to do this Articulated fly swap. I would do something I have been working on for inland lakes tied on size 6 or 8. So count me in...
jesse clark
I have a few of my offering tied up that I am going to try out this weekend sort of a test run. They are pretty easy to tie so I will send two different colors. That way we will get a few more flies in our Christmas Package.
Don't be thanking Jesse too soon. If you'll recall this is the "outlaw" that threatened to pop my tube and drown me this weekend. It seems that Jesse's message is code for, "Once Kevin is gone I'll be tying his flies as well." ;)
This is a little late I know and as such I don't expect any flies as I am certain the list is finalized and in the works. With that said, if you guys want an extra articulated pattern, let me kow how many to tie and where to send them and I'll have them in the post by early December.

Don Johnson
I would like to see one more tier in this swap because we lost one, BUT I am not the swapmiester. You will have to wait for fishboy to check in on this.
BY the way swappers I used my lake articulated leech at Dry Falls today and caught 4 nice fish. One German Brown about 19" Three rainbows one big one at 22" so it is a success. I will be tying up two of these flies for each swapper in different color combo's..
jesse clark
jessejames said:
I would like to see one more tier in this swap because we lost one...
jesse clark
You must be talking about that SpokaneFisherman Bloke! I can't stand that guy good riddance to bad rubbish. :rolleyes:

Edit: No wait a minute... You're talking about Randy. Internet message board lesson #1 "Read before you post."
Hey Kevin:
I noticed that you did survive this weekends trip to Dry Falls BUT you didn't mention the monster fish Jesse was catching on the swap flies he is tying.. :D Swappers if you going to use these flies hang on oto your rod real tight. :rofl: :rofl:

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