WFF Rookie of the Year

Swimmy's the obvious choice, but hopefully all of this media attention won't make his head swell to gargantuan proportions to the point where he flies off the rails ala Beckham Jr.


Riffle > Run > Pool
Tenkara guy who "doesn't fish" and still put up some nice back country reports. No BS, just good stuff.
Hmm, I'm really surprised I didn't get your vote

So does this Tenkara guy have a name?

Bullshit put yourself in the conversation in another thread and you know it.
I try not to get caught up in all the noise here Ed. I can only control my effort and my attitude.

I think we should give the award based on a ratio of most bs, space eating posts vs informative fishing posts. The ones you named Ed would be the top contenders.
Hey thanks

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