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This is offsides... Not only didn't it happen in 2015, you are plying emotions from a senior citizen who is not American. If this make sense to you, Hot Rod earned and deserved every tear.


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Can't agree with you on that. I don't know either of them, but I think that Kerry and OMJ are crusty on the outside but great guys on the inside. I'd love to fish with either of them. They could win CODY (crusty old dude of the year).
Oh I'm sure Kerry is a great guy. I just think he plays the asshole better than anyone else here. Maybe I just bring out the best in him :p but his posting style is, at times sharp as a razor. Of course my comments are meant with all due respect. Very few have that skill.

Old Man, well he's just an Old Man. Hard to describe that guy but he's an original.

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Umm....oh nevermind.


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Is it just me, or did this thread morph slightly into an Airing of Grievances? If so I'm looking forward to the Feats of Strength up next. Happy Festivus (and Happy Holidays) to all.


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When I had to leave my last job the president of the company came into my office to wish me well and to thank me for my work. Our conversation turned to my replacement which was the young technician I had hire a year or two earlier. He was concerned if he had enough experience to do the job. My response was that the young man was smarter than me, had more energy, and adapted to new technology better than I did. The area he needed to improve on was to not try to please everyone and to understand that sometimes his decisions were going to piss people off. John, the company's president said that it takes time and experience to know when to be an asshole and be able to smile about it.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for the well wishes and support.

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Here I try to be low key and somebody brings me into this thread., I just can't win anymore. It's warmer today that yesterdays 17 degrees. It's 18 degrees today. And it's not supposed to get any warmer.. Just got to love staying inside on days like this.

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