Nice Steelhead Run


Mark Steudel
Great pictures! So as a novice, what makes that a great steelhead run? Is it because you know there are steelies in there, or are there characteristics that make it a great steelie run?


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I know, I know.

It looks like some of the silt is moving around. I fished off of what is now a gravel island last season and a run was starting to develope. The channel has wondered a bit more since then and the island or bar is getting larger. It will all change again with more high water this winter. There is still a lot of material migrating through the system.
Such a dreamy little spot! I installed it as desk top so I could amuse myself everytime I switched the set on. I would like to be on river right and throw just above where the deep water slot begins and then keep working down.

It's a great looking spot because of several factors: The current speed looks perfect. There is a nice depth to the water. The far bank offers some protection. It would be difficult to swim upstream on river left because the water is too shallow. This might cause the fish to hold a bit before crossing over to the main channel.

I can easily see and hour or two spent in just this one spot. Sure wish I knew where it was.

Bob, the Always begging for something. :eek:


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I caught my first and second wild winter steelhead from that run over a decade ago.

Since then I have learned the best time to be there is when the river indeed runs through the trees with the cleaner strip of water on river right. Those conditions tend to push fish right tight rather than being scattered throughout it's tremendous length and width.

Otherwise its a WHOLE lot of miss rather than hit. And unfortunately it becomes rather boring to fish. It's just too big. But the fly does swing so nice...



Damn Homer - I leave this thread for a few days and ~still~ nobody's ratted out that run! Very Impressive. ;)

For Bob, and others who are curious. This is one of the most heavily photographed runs on any of the Pugetropolis Steelhead rivers. Brian wasn't the first to photograph it, but I have to say his is one of my favorite pics of that run. All true too - Inland's assessment is right on.

Now if you haven't guessed the name of this run yet, I'll give you another hint. It's sarcastically called the Fly Bar by the local side-drifters who also frequent this stretch.



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Isn't that the mixer???? or mixmaster. Maybe not, only been their a handful of pic though

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