The one that got away

I grew up in Montana and spent a lot of time fishing in Wyoming with lures and warm summer day I cast out across the river on a fairly deep quick streach of water...being accustomed to snagging daily, I figured that another lure was history when I was unable to reel..after tightening up the drag all the way I gave it a couple long pulls..the lure slowly started to give way, as if it was attached to stick being pulled free from the mud.. looking out across the water I saw what appeared to be a small log float up to the surface and began floated right over as easy as a pie only when it got closer I realized it wasn't a log afterall it was a huge Brown!! The biggest I've ever seen...being only about 12 at the time and in a little bit of shock I pulled eagerly to try and bring him onto shore...watching as the hook slipped right out of his I dove for him on the bank of the river he just slipped away into the deep...

Cutthroat Fight