Hardy Perfect broken spool scew

The spool screw on my Hardy Perfect just broke the other day and I need to get it fixed as soon as possible. I remember hearing about someone in Blaine who fixes Hardy reels but I can't remember who that is. I just need a new screw and someone the drill a hole into the broken piece that is still in the reel. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

Andy D

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How old of a Hardy is it? The same thing happened to me last weekend. It is modern hardy, and I am having Hardy take care of it.


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I'd be curious how these screws are breaking. Both modern Reels? Both same type break / circumstance? Might help the rest of us in avoiding the issue.

Andy D

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Mine broke in the process breaking the reel free of ice. Air temps were around 15° that morning. Got the spool to break free but winding plate did not. This probably caused the break.

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