One Piece floater for spey/switch ?


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tired of all the tips and want a one piece floater for the long rod. what is your best idea on this ?
have a Echo classic 7129-4 #7 . guess i could call Reds. they always seem ready to help.
will use this line to fish all year round. thanks.

David Loy

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I like the Airflo Switch Float a lot. Spey casts well but also very nice for 2H overhead. Can throw lw tips but not necessary depending on intended use.
A friend recently bought this same rod as his first spey rod. I tested a bunch of my lines for best fit. Most were heads, customs, or discontinued lines. Among lines with integral running line, the 7/8/9 Rio Windcutter cut back for tips to a 500 grain head was excellent. So was a Scientific Anglers WF7F Mastery (60 foot head) and a Rio WF7/8F with a 520 grain, 44 foot head. I think these are all discontinued. I just checked the Spey Pages Classifieds, and fishinsteel has a used 7/8/9 Windcutter on sale for $25.
gonna sound weird but I use airflo nymphdicator for this purpose. I DO NOT nymph with it because that's stupid. I have so much control over my presentation. mending and throwing extra line into a swing. using the mending portion as a keel to really fish and direct the fly. It's very dynamic for the right water.
Is there a reason you're set on a full line vs. head plus running line?

The only reason I ask is because in my limited experience in the TH game, I've found that if I'm solely swinging flies, having a separate head to the running line rocks if for no other reason than the running line on the majority of full lines downright sucks because it always seems that there's just so much more friction than something like a mono running line or something of that nature. Now if you're primarily nymphing, that's an entirely different ballgame where I much prefer a full line (and a SH rod, not a two-hander). Bottom line, it depends on how you're wanting to fish...even then, you'll get loads of various opinions and ultimately you'll likely end trying many different things to figure out what you like best (a process that's actually much more fun than it sounds---I'm in the middle of it).

mostly, I'm just curious as to why you want an integrated vs head only.
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Don't think the OP was asking for a full, integrated line. He's looking for an integrated tip, a floating integrated tip.

I read it as a fully integrated line, but I just re-read the OP, and it does say "tips". So now I'm unsure what the original question was, but I think you maybe right. If so, I would also add Beulah's Aero Heads.


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