One Piece floater for spey/switch ?

From Steve, on speypages,

"Lee and I worked on this taper together. We wanted a tweener to bridge the CND GPS, one of our favorites, and my SGS (ballistic express). Drawing on the scandi and Lee's expertice on the GPS, I think we nailed the ultimate bridge line from a Scandi to Mid spey. enjoy the journey, steve"

o mykiss

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Another vote for the Vector. Not sure which one would be the best match for that rod. I fish a 7/8 on a Echo TR 7136 and it's a beautiful match. I fish an 8/9 Vector on another rod (Sage 9140-4) and love it too. If you ever want to step up to a longer floating line the Ballistic Vector XL is the bomb (that one gets fished on a Scott 15' T3h). This will be sacrilege to many, but I like it better than the Nextcast FF70. :)

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