Speybum’s Third Annual Speyclave

Vickie and I had a great time at the Clave. It was good to meet D-Loop and others. I probably learned more in the three hours we were there than I have any other time. Great get away for a day.

Rain and High water but we had fun .
Well Speybum Third annual Speyclave is history
We had heavey rains but it did not slow the attendance
I have a lot of people thank.
Ray Phelps thanks for the Company and Balevnie Double Wood to toast the Clave with.
Leroy and Ron thanks for giving your presentation it really fit the program.
Mike and Brain thanks guys
Marlow that you for the Showing us the New Dredgers love the 13’ 4’.
D-loop as usual thank you for the great photos.

To The Rest of you that came my deepest thanks for your support

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