454 casull?


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I spend a fair amount of time in Alaska brown bear country. Guides carry a variety of firearms from hog leg revolvers in mostly .44 mag to shotguns. The calibers are big enough but penetration is crucial. I carried 310 grain Garrett Hammerheads in .44 Mag which have amazing penetration, but The arthritis in my hands and wrist REALLY didn't much care for it.

Because I'm the cook and don't spend much time sneaking up on gut piles, I have a tactical Mossberg 590 12 gauge with alternate 3" slugs and buckshot. I put a swivel on the pistol grip so I can sling it.

While it's not pleasant to shoot and practice with, it's a hellova lot nicer than the .44.

The way I see it, it's better to have something you're comfortable with so you'll practice a lot. Oh, and make sure you get a firearm that doesn't mind being wet all the time.


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The Casull is awful to shoot and rounds are like $5 each. I settled on two back country guns; Mossberg 500A with interchangeable barrels and a Ruger Redhawk 44. The Redhawk isn't exactly a fun shoot either, but at least I can keep everything on the colored part of the paper.

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Used to shoot a lot of big bore handguns. Had several .44 Mags but the .454 is another class. Go shoot one before you buy. Just not fun for casual shooting for most.
I'm assuming you are getting it for bear protection (not hunting)? I have a ruger alaskan 454 for griz/brown protection. I went with the snubby as it fits nicely in my waders, out of the rain. It's not fun to shoot but not as bad as the stories that float around the internet. Don't get me wrong...it's a handful but yet still managable. In comparison to the smith and wesson 329PD (44mag), the kick is much more managable. My brother has the 329 and its super nice to carry yet brutal to shoot with full loads. As for holsters, I picked up a "guides choice" by diamond custom leather out of alaska. It's a great holster.


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Yes I have a Toklat in .454, my oldest Son does too, makes ya feel safe when out hunting in these parts.

What Q's do you have?


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Everyone has pretty much covered the 454. I am in the process of building a hand cannon. My cartridge is going to be the .460 Rowland. Ballistics are better than the 10 and 44. 1500fps and 1150ft/lbs. You can put more rounds on target than the 44. Food for thought.


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So you are going to carry a 1911, not a revolver?

If you are thinking semi auto, do the Glock conversion, its awesome and not crazy expensive to do off a G21.
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