Two-hander balance point

I just got my Echo 7wt glass switch and am wondering what everyone's preference is for balance point on the rod. It's been a while since I've owned a TH rod and don't really remember what I liked on it. The reel I currently have rigged up with an OPST Commando balances it about two inches down from the top of the grip. I'll likely get it out this out by this weekend to give it a go...

Sounds about right to me, but is that with all the line on the reel or out past the tip? I just like it to be balanced in my hand during the swing so I'm not having to try and hold the rod tip up or down.
that's no line out (also no tip attached on the reel)....just a quick test indoors. Super stoked to get this rod out...

I'll check it out with the head out.
Without a rod in my hand (that's what she said) it's tough to say, but it sounds right. I've never really had much problem getting my speys to balance regardless of the reel. Moving your hand and inch or two usually does the trick.

David Loy

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I like it best (when the line is strung) when the balance point is where I naturally like my top hand, the fulcrum. Now, when casting, the aerialized line obviously changes that balance. Part of the pleasure for me is when carrying the strung rod from place to place, it is balanced perfectly on my index and middle finger. Just me. Some folks are adamant it doesn't matter. Their just plain wrong.