Scored a 1980 Orvis Unsanded 8 Footer

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Great score. Be aware that the Orvis warantee lasts for 25 years so take good care of it because it about to expire if it hasn't already.



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Great score. Be aware that the Orvis warantee lasts for 25 years so take good care of it because it about to expire if it hasn't already.
Ya expired 10 years ago... I will use it and just love it at the same time. Ha.

Great rod. Picked one up for my daughter last wintér....the Marbury model.
Oh nice, congrats, those old superfine unsanded blanks were... well...super fine! They really do have a great feel!

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Those were lifetime warranty back when that was made. I could be wrong.
That may be true. I really don't know but I do know that all previous warranties were superseded by the current 25yr warranty. If your rod predates the inception of the 25yr warranty it won't be covered by it.

I ran into that conundrum a few years ago when I sent an older rod in for repair. Orvis still has the mandrels for many of their older models and that probably includes the Superfine (given its popularity) they may be able to make a new one on the old mandrels but it won't be under their now standard warranty.

Even still they will offer some attractive options either on a new version or on the original taper.

nice find - i have a '78 8'6 Limestone 6wt, an '80 Flea 4wt in mint condition, and '83 7'9 Far and Fine 5wt. I love them and very strongly considering selling my more modern rods (redingtons, so no biggie).
I also have a '61 Orvis Bamboo Flea which is real nice too.

Couple photos of the Graphite flea

paired it with a CFO III
As to the warranty question, I have one of the 9' 5wt "Spring Creeks" that I got back in 80. Great rod and I used it for years, broke it a couple of times (tailgate's), and pretty much put it away several years ago when I went head long into two handers. Last summer I pulled it out and fished it a couple of times and after sticking a stomper of a bull trout I started wondering about "what happens if I brake it again?" I called Orvis and they were very clear that rods of that vintage can no longer be repaired. I don't think they can get that carbon anymore. Kind of like Sage with Carbon II. So, enjoy it but please be careful with that wonderful old stick. I still use mine but only on very special, light duty outings.
The older “lifetime” warranty (pre ‘88) does not cover breakage, IIRC.

I still have one from 1980, an Orvis Powerhouse, 8’-6” 8 weight, with an unsanded graphite blank. For the past several years I’ve relegated it to backup duty and have been using my Sage RPL+, and Method 8wt rid of the Method (newer is not necessarily better IMO) a while back, still using the Orvis and the Sage RPL+.

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