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Hi Gat,
We're as dormant as the emerging insects. I'm not excited about identifying midges, about the only emerging aquatic insect one is likely to see in lakes or rivers at present. Yeah, I know that there should be some winter stones around.... In two weeks, a month at most, the Skwalas will migrate into the shallows in preparation for their shore-side emergence. Then the BWO, PMDs, and March Browns will follow. Then the Mother's Day caddis hatch and the lake hatches. Spring follows winter.
I have never caught a fish on a cricket nor have I seen a pattern for them - not that I ever looked actually. Crickets and grasshoppers are dormant during the winter. Have not seen any ants around lately either... Lots of common house flies outside in the sun. Is there a pattern for them and do they work?

I did do 'okay' this morning on damsel and dragonfly nymphs - they needed to be smaller than what I fish normally tho.


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One summer day on the San Gabrial (So. Ca.) a #14 black elk hair caddis contributed to catching a lot of trout. I dunno, maybe to a fish even a natural colored elk hair caddis looks black.


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Very nice, Derek-

Would you (or anyone else) like to take a crack at identifying your stonefly nymph and stonefly adult photos to at least to family level?

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