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Jerry Daschofsky

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This is pretty specific type of vise. I'm looking for either a monetary donation or if you have the specific vise and want to donate one directly.

We've been doing this for years and have found the Regal vise is by far the easiest one to learn on. Easy to put hook in and tie with. We've used numerous vises and this one shines. Plus how often these vises are used we blow out adjustment screws on most lower end vises. The simplicity and durability of a true Regal fits our needs for a long term vise.

We've been using the knock off brand. They were donated so I can't complain. All the knock off Regals are falling apart after a couple years. A mixture of reasons. We need to update.

So, I'm looking to raise, or have donated, enough to get 10 Regal C clamp vises. C clamp works easier for tyers over a pedestal model. I'm not going to turn away any Regal if you want to donate one that's a pedestal version.

Looking at probably buying the Regal Medallion.


I'm looking at trying to raise $1500. More vises I get donated the less money I'll need. Plus all donations, cash or vise, is tax deductible.

Vises or checks can be sent to

C/O Jerry Daschofsky
25902 70th Avenue East
Graham, WA 98338

And PayPal

[email protected]
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Jerry Daschofsky

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They run between $150-170 depending on where they are bought. I'm trying to work some of my pro deals to get them cheaper. So may be less. Just waiting to hear back.

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