PHWFF donation drive for vises

Jerry Daschofsky

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Have you talked directly to Regal? You've got a pretty solid story about the quality and ease of use of their product. I'd be willing to bet they would sell them to you at wholesale if not donate them entirely in exchange for being the official vise of PHWFF.
Already working on that as we speak. If it works out I can see them giving us a deal. Not sure they will totally donate since other programs may have asked. But hoping for pro deal. Unfortunately company I dealt with I buy wholesale from doesn't carry Regal anymore.
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Ed Call

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I don't have any Regals or I'd hand them over. If this is the easiest vise for the troops to learn on, happy to chip in. Thanks for all you do for our returning vets, Jerry. Thanks to Chuck and all those that support the program too.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Bingo !!!!!

I have a Regal vice that I haven't used for sometime. I pretty much tie #18 and smaller and the #20 and #22 hooks sometime would pop out. If I recall at the VA you tied larger flies. I have both the C-clamp and pedestal. I will get it shipped to you. Finally found a good home for it
Thanks, appreciate it!

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