Dry Falls Report

Flyin Dutchman:
I use #6 hooks and tie up the rear fly with all black bunny strip. Using braided flyline backing I tie the rear hook to the front hook with only 1/4" between the two hooks, enough for action but not a big enough space to give the fly a open space in the fur between the flies. I then secure the braided line to the front hook, continue to tie black bunny strip on about 1/2 the front hook. I then wrap on 2-3 turns of red bunny strip and tie off a head. Cut off the hook of the front fly and your done.
Take this fly and get it wet lay it in your hand it looks great with the red at the front. It is about 31/2' of realistic looking leach.
jesse clark


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Jesse,Thanks for the leech description, it sounds like a real good pattern. I have had unusually good success with red bunny leeches on McDowell Lake. But my most heart stopping breakoffs have been on big olive and gray marabou leeches so you might work a couple of those into your collection. McDowell has some significant fish-I heard that a 30"+ fish was taken there last year and I have broken off a few that were far heavier than anything I anticipated. Nearby Bayley holds some impressive fish as well and both have rudimentary campgrounds nearby. Let's try to get a weekend event planned over there in late May of next year so we can fish both lakes on the weekend and camp together at McDowell. Should be a blast and we can see how the Bloodshot Carey compares to the Articulated Leech. We might come up with an Articulated Carey or a Bloodshot Leech!

I'll look forward to fishing with you guys, Ive
Jesse, one more question on your leech. Is the black bunny wrapped or tied matuka style on the back hook and what length #6 hooks? I've been using 3x long hooks for my leeches. These might be too long for the articulated variety.
I am using a 3x #6 hook I think you need that length to get the long leech look when its in the water. The bunny is all wrapped on I have been using crosscut strips they seem to tie better for me without wrapping over any fur. That might just be inexperience :confused: The only difficulty I had was getting the distance between the hooks right. If they were too far apart there is a gap in the fur, instead of fullness from head to tail.
To Spokane Fisherman (3 1/2" leaches) how do you think those fish got to look like footballs!! I don't think it was on size 28 chronomids.
jesse clark

I was beginning to wonder if you were going to acknowledge my Smart Ass comment. I kinda figured you were just going to leave it alone. Or perhaps I was going to get away with a freebie! At any rate I'm just tryin to keep you honest. :thumb: