Munn Lake Report

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Went to Munn lake to check out the new Cutt plant well spent two hours there only manage a 12 inch sick looking Bow there was several pontoon boats on the lake seen one person catch a fish ask what it was said another small bow Did they think the Cutts would live longer, what happen to all the lily pads? With all the hot weather last year should be a lot but there is none only islands of mud. Yes I tried all Chironomid fishing, Casting and stripping and No I do not troll a fucking Wooly Bugger.:D If I troll it will be BARF, MARF, BABF, or my fishing buddies Rodney Fly.;) I marked fish tried straight up and down nothing (for those who do not know contact Mark Y) I guess I can cross that lake off my list.
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