Duwamish River (lower Green)

What-ever always means yes.

Any one ever fish the lower part of the river for trout or steelhead?Seems like if they are near Flaming Geyser they should be low also (or at least passing through). I live near the rusty bridge by Boeing field and was wondering since I rarely see any one fish it except when the salmon run. Bye the way when do they start running again. I caught my first salmon on a fly last year there, what a blast.

See ya on the water some time, Brad
There are trout there at least durring the Salmon run I have caught many small to med trout here durring the salmon run. The better fishing is just south from there around the golf course and around the fishing shacks. Make sure to check the regs out, they are diffrent then the upper parts of the river. I would have to look but I would guess that part of the river is closed right now for all fishing until closer to the time the salmon are running. At least that is what I remember check the regs to make sure.

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