Swap March Madness Saltwater Fly Tournament


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Soooo... I was just thinking about this one, it seems as though the winner would have their own ties returned to them as part of the 64.

If I were to win I wouldn't want my own flies back, I'd think they'd be better off in the hands of the swapmeister.
Pat, thanks for generous offer as you tie some outstanding flies.
I'll be including some flies for the winner as well so the winner will be getting a minimum of 64 flies not including their own.

We have until 3/17 before the tournament begins. We'll see if we can get nine more people to make this thing fly.


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Am I reading this correctly...I have 3 weeks from the 17th to get my flies in? If so...count me in. Somebody needs to pick teams for me though...I don't watch hockey. :)

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I don't want to make this more complicated for you Brian, but I also don't want to miss out on this, as I love March madness, and when you pair it up with fly tying it sounds even better.

Obviously, there is plenty of time left to fill the last 8 slots. In the case that we get...say 13 tyers, you could offer up the remaining slots as a double up for people that like to gamble. For example I would tie another 2 flies for an extra 2 teams. I am sure a couple others here would fill the rest similarly.

This just sounds like a great idea, and I wouldn't want it to not happen cause we were missing a couple tyers. If everybody wants the extra teams, than those teams go to the highest bidder (number of flies bet). For example instead of 2 flies per extra 2 teams, maybe someone says they will tie 3. Someone might come back and say 4 flies for the 2 teams over the 3. It's a random draw so it should be fair, as people with extra teams might end up with all cinderalla's, and guys that only have 4 teams could end up with all # 1's and 2's.

Like I said, plenty of time, I was just thinking of plan B's so we can make this thing happen, love the idea!


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I'm open to suggestion so no problem with throwing out ideas.
We've still got three weeks left before the tournament starts.

Hopefully eight more players will catch March Madness fever before then, especially once the conference championships games start.


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I'm in. I'm still a relative noob when it comes to the salt, so I may have to expand my fly horizons beyond some of the super simple stuff I've been tying that I don't think would be worthy of a swap.


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Quick bump to see if we can get five more players (gamblers) willing to play the odds of 4 flies for a chance to win a minimum of 64.
This is the last week of the regular season.
Conference championship tournaments are next week then on to March Madness.

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