Swap March Madness Saltwater Fly Tournament


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Thanks fellas.
All full. We've got our 16 players. If anyone else is interested let me know and you can be an alternate should someone need to drop out.

I'll send the players a pm in the next few days on where to send the flies.
Thanks for participating.

1. Rob Ast
2. Nick Clayton
3. steeli
4. tyafly82
5. Pat Lat
6. James St. Clair
7. Gary Knowels
8. porterHause
9. ffb
10. ComeOnSounders
11. Irafly
12. Travis Bille
13. PBR
14. Bajema
15. diobsud
16. Nailbender


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Everyone should have received a PM with tournament instruction.
I'll try to find a fillable bracket on line that I'll refresh as the games are played.

For right now I've got things set up for the drawing to assign seeds to everyone.

0621_001.jpg Player - Tiers.jpg
Whipped out my 4 flies today. Really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Super cool idea and I agree with Pat, the treasure pile for the winner is gonna be so awesome


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***** Selection Friday *****

Here are your seeds for the March Madness tournament. I did the selections late last night so please let me know if you see any issues.
I wanted to get this up before Selection Sunday.

Due to the selections being random, there is a chance you might end up playing....and eliminating one of your own seeds. If the higher seeds do their job as expected, it shouldn't be an issue.

I've been busy and haven't had a chance to look for a fillable bracket. If someone wants to fill one out and post it up, be my guest. Otherwise we'll go with my chicken scratch bracket. I'll update things as games are played.

Flies are due April 4th.
Good luck and thanks for participating.


Rob Ast

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Ugh, I got three teams in the Midwest, two of whom play each other in the first round. Does anyone want to swap a similarly ranked team from another bracket? Mind you, I know nothing about any team's actual chances.


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Actually you play Nick & FFB in the first round.
Your number 7 & 14 seeds will have to win two games each before you'd play yourself which is highly unlikely.
You'd may need to beat Nick twice to do that as well. ;)
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Pat Lat

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Ha. All mine are in the east.
I was going through the brackets thinking I was left out until I got to the last set of brackets

Good luck everyone! Looks like I'm really gonna need it :)