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Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
And down goes Oregon State. Unless Green Bay can pull out a miracle against Texas A&M I am already down to one team.
Rob...you are looking at the wrong brackets, but be strong.
Your # 4 Midwest Iowa State Cyclones are counting on you and still in the game!

Your Midwest # 7 (Dayton) and Midwest # 14 (Fresno St) are out.
Your #12 South (South Dakota) is playing Maryland right now.

PBR had Oregon State (West # 7)

porterHause appreciates your support for his West # 14 Green Bay. ;)


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
OK gents....sweet 16.
This is where things stand. Only two of sixteen players have been eliminated from the tournament.
Just a friendly reminder flies are due April 4th. I've only received one set of flies so far.
Good luck in the next round.

Here are next weeks sweet 16 match-ups

#1 Kansas / Gary Knowels vs #5 Maryland / Irafly
#2 Villanove / ffb vs #3 Miami / Nailbender

#1 North Carolina / ComeOnSounders vs #5 Indiana / Pat Lat
#6 Notre Dame / Travis Bille vs #7 Wisconsin / diobsud

#1 Oregon / PBR vs #4 Duke / portHause
#2 Oklahoma / diobsud vs #3 Texas A&M / steeli

#1 Virginia / tyafly82 vs #4 Iowa State / Rob Ast
#10 Syracuse / ffb vs #11 Gonzaga / Nick Clayton
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Indi "Ira" Jones
Dang it Gary (Which is my brothers name who is a huge Kansas fan) I'm kinda torn here. I would really love to see Kansas take it all the way to the finals against the Zags.

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